Jennette McCurdy Talks "Slime"

Posted on Apr 4, 2011

You voted Jennette McCurdy as your Favorite Sidekick at the 2011 KCAs because she's just so fantastically funny. Well, we caught up with this wisecracking wonder woman on the Orange Carpet right before heading into the KCAs, and she had some slime-tastic things to say.


Nick: Have you been slimed?
Jennette: I have been slimed 5 or 6 times now and every time it gets better, gooier, messier, I love it. In a word? Permanent. It's really hard to get off. It stays in your ears for like three weeks.

Nick:What do you think it's made of?
Jennette:I think it's definitely not edible. Some people think it's made of pudding but it's not edible or at least you wouldn't want to eat it.

Nick:Which celeb would you love to slime tonight?
Jennette:Will Ferrell! I hear he'll be there! And, Willow Smith! Then she can whip her hair back and forth with the slime on it! Just sayin!

Well, you might not have gotten your chance to see Willow or Will slimed this year Jennette, but remember...Where there's a WILL there's a way!


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