Jerry Trainor In A Dress

Posted on Apr 4, 2011

Jerry Trainor: "What's! Who is Nick? Some dude named Nick?! Never heard of him!"


Clearly Jerry Trainor is a liar. OK fine, a kidder! Not only does he play the indispensable role of Spencer on iCarly, he's also the voice of Dudley on Tuff Puppy, Jennette McCurdy's Best Player co-star AND one of our all-time favorite dudes. Seriously. Who is funnier? Not Carrot Top! We found Jerry making crazy faces on the Orange Carpet and grabbed him for a quick Q&A.

NICK: What are you most excited about today?
Jerry: Talking to you guys at Really, the awards are just old hat by now. But I really just wanted to see my own reflection in your sunglasses. I'm a handsome devil. You're like a police officer, like a highway patrolman! Lady! I mean highway patrol LADY. Like a...h-h-h- nevermind.

NICK: Where would you want to take the KCA monster truck?
Jerry: If I got to hijack that truck I would take her cross country. I'd take her to every capitol of every state and I'd roll over every meter maid car!

ILLEGAL! Love it! Here's how it would look if he did it in a dress!


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