OMG Quote: Joe Jonas Spills on His New Album

Posted on Mar 22, 2011

Kids' Choice Awards nominee Joe Jonas is one brother we would definitely let steal our remote control and finish our favorite cereal, but this Jonas Brother is growing up, fleeing the nest, and going solo on his upcoming album! He spilled to Details magazine about handling his brothers' feelings when he decided to branch out.


"I wanted to do something you could hear in a club or something you could dance to, something that's fun -- something that's me," Joe said. "I think it was definitely because I was getting older. But it was also a kind of a scary thought. 'Cause you go, 'I don't want to offend my brothers.' You know?"

Oh, we know. We would never want to offend Nick or Kevin! But we support your decision to release new dance-y music, Joe! Can't wait to add his tunes to our Jonas playlist ASAP.

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