5 Degrees of Separation: KCA Nominees Selena Gomez and Johnny Depp

Posted on Mar 10, 2011

Ever wonder what KCA nominee Selena Gomez and Johnny Depp have in common, (other than their choice of dark eyeliner)?


They're connected in Hollywood in just five steps! That's right -- the Wizards of Waverly Place star is nominated for a Kids' Choice Award and so is Johnny Depp for his work in Alice in Wonderland AND their co-stars are all inter-connected. If you ask us, this makes them practically besties. Check out how we connect the dots between these two KCA noms below!

Selena Gomez was in Ramona and Beezus with Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer was in He's Just Not That Into You with Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer was in The Good Girl with Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake was in Love and Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway
Anne was in Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp

Now that you know how they're related, vote for KCA nominee Selena Gomez and vote for Johnny Depp!


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