What's Up Winner: Dylan Sprouse

Posted on Mar 2, 2011

It's been a long journey since Dylan Sprouse first set sail for the Hollywood hills with brother, Cole Sprouse. But with every year older, the Sprouse bros "double" in fame. And Dylan proved that last year by taking home a KCA blimp for Favorite TV Actor! But what has Dyl been up to recently? Well, he doesn't cruise far from his identical other-half, but he's still making headway!


After deciding not to continue filming The Suite Life (tear!) the boys made plans for college -- Dylan and his bro started at NYU this fall! But they're not completely out of the spotlight. Their all-new Suite Life movie is premiering this month! And it's not all work for Dylan this year; he still makes time for fun. We may have heard he made an appearance at a certain KCA nom's bday bash...(echum..it rhymes with Shmicktoria Shmustice).

Will Dylan reclaim his KCA victory on this year's stage? It's up to you to decide! Vote now!


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