KCA Nominees on St. Patrick's Day!

Posted on Mar 16, 2011

Happy St. Patty's day all you KCA fanatics! We hope your day is as delightfully green as a bucket of slime. Already wondering what the KCA nominees are up to this holiday? Well look no further. We've got the scoop on these sham-rockstars.


Looks like Justin Bieber won't have time to search for his pot of gold today. He's stuck doing homework. This morning he tweeted, "happy #stpatricksday to everyone around the world...now more school". We know how you feel Biebs!

Last night Miranda Cosgrove had a little trouble picking out her St. Patty's outfit. She tweeted, "#thatawkwardmoment When u realize tomorrow is ST Patrick's Day and u can't even find a green sock in your suitcase :-/". Hopefully you found something fab, MC!

And Michael Phelps made sure to join in on the celtic celebration, tweeting, "Happy st pattys day everyone!"

Looks like these nominees have made a true leprechaun-nection to this happy green holiday. What will YOU be doing? Well, here's one thing you can do--send some St. Patty's Day luck to your fav nominees by voting KCA!

Need more green? Check out this year's KCA nominees decked out in green garb!


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