Robert Pattinson Spills Secrets About Twilight Movie, 'Breaking Dawn'

Posted on Mar 25, 2011

Attention all fanpires! There's new gossip hitting the Kids' Choice Awards news stands and it's jam-packed with secrets from the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn. Even better? It's coming from the adorable lips of hunky Robert Pattinson.


In an interview with USA Today, this is what Rob had to say about Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Bella in the fourth movie: "I can't give too much away but there's some bits, especially towards the end of the movie, she's just like the polar opposite of any of the other (films). I mean, she's a different person, which is cool. She looks completely different."

Rob also spilled on which scene he thinks will get the most attention. He said, (CAUTION: SPOILER ALERT!) "It's been OK in Vancouver in terms of people showing up and trying to get stuff. I have a feeling the wedding is going to be the one with (paparazzi) parasailing in." We know you're an expert on paparazzi attention, Rob, so we'll take your word on that one.

Did you vote Kristen Stewart for her portrayal of 'Bella' in Eclipse? Well, go do it now so she can win a KCA!


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