OMG Quote: Selena Gomez Spills on Her First Crush

Posted on Mar 17, 2011

It's been confirmed! KCA nominee Selena Gomez and KCA nominee Justin Bieber are really dating (as if we weren't positive already...) and Selena is finally spilling details! It took her long enough, right?!


Now before all you Beliebers start writing Selena hate mail and playing darts with her album cover, hear the girl out! She can relate to all the haters out there. After all, she was once one herself! Check out who she was obsessed with when she was younger: "I loved Jesse McCartney. I was obsessed with him," Selena tells Z100. "He dated Katie Cassidy when he was 16 or 17. I hated her, absolutely hated her. I was mortified that he was with Katie and I wanted to be with him. He was my screen-saver! I just did a movie (Monte Carlo) with Katie Cassidy and she was the nicest person ever." Wow! So what Selena's saying is that if we all met her, we'd understand that she's a sweetheart and isn't out to steal our man. So, Selena, when are we hanging out?

P.S. Can you imagine if this adorable couple won Kids' Choice Awards on the same night? Make it happen and vote KCAs now!


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