Selena Gomez Admits Love For Justin Bieber on Ellen

Posted on Mar 23, 2011

Although most of us still don't want to accept it, KCA nominees Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are an official couple. (And when we're not busy being totally jealous of Selena, we actually think they make quite a cute one, too). But these two lovebirds were actually dating well before the tabloids announced the news. Who was left in the dark when it came to Selena and Bieber's scandalous secret? Well, most of us. But Ellen Degeneres thinks she got jipped on the truth!


Ellen questioned Selena on her talk show this week, claiming that the starry-eyed starlet fibbed about dating the Biebster on a previous show. Ellen played a clip of the former interview, which showed an all-flushed Selena fibbing, "He's like my little brother!" After viewing the clip, Gomez was left blushing, giggly, and speechless. Looks like Ellen caught her red-handed!

But don't worry, Ellen wasn't mad about the misleading starlet, she ended the interview by giving Selena a pillow with her "Baby" singing beau's face on it!...Um, can we get one of those, Ellen?


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