Taylor Swift's Style File

Posted on Mar 29, 2011

Kids' Choice Awards nominee Taylor Swift has more talent in her left pinky finger than most people do in their whole body (it's sad but true). But Taylor has another talent -- she has a knack for wearing the perfect outfit to every single event (duh!). Every time this girl shows up to a red carpet, she dazzles (and it's not always thanks to the sequins she's so fond of wearing). Check out these 6 looks that we come back to over and over when we think of Taylor Swift's beauty. And trust us, it was super hard to pick just 6.


- When Taylor sparkles, she really sparkles. Her gold and shiny dress at the Vanity Fair Oscars party this year could probably have been seen from the moon! Love it.
- When we said Tay loved sequins, we weren't joking. This lacy and sparkly blend she wore to the CMT Artists of the Year event looks perfect against her porcelain skin.
- Is that you, Taylor, under all that straight hair? We're not used to seeing Tay without her signature curls, but we are used to seeing her in this much bling. Work it!


- Taylor ditched the sequins for a night of high fashion in this long, white, super elegant gown for the Met's Costume gala. Can you imagine how perfect Taylor will look at her wedding wearing all this white?
- Thank goodness Taylor dressed to impress in this fitted blue sparkly gown at the Grammys in 2010 because she walked away with four awards!
- Taylor is a princess in this gold tulle gown at the CMAs in 2009. Talk about that day being a fairytale.

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