Top 5 Best Slimes of 2011 Kids' Choice Awards

Posted on Apr 5, 2011

What would the Kids' Choice Awards be without a ton of slime? Not very fun! Check out the best slimes of the 2011 show!


5. Jim Carrey's Hot Air Balloon of Slime: Jim Carrey surprised everyone by showing up at the KCAs unannounced and un-nominated, but the slime folks must have had some idea that he might make an appearance because they set aside some slime just for him! He was drenched in that balloon!


4. Jack Black Gets Slimed by Jim Carrey: Jim wasn't just gonna let Jack get away with sliming him so bad! He slimed him right back at the very end of the show. Revenge was served!


3. Russell Brand Gets Slimed by the Audience: Russell Brand had to think on his slimy feet when the audience turned against him and co-presenter Rico Rodriguez. The front-row audience members were tossin' slime at them like it was goin' out of style!


2. Snoop Goes Very Green: Big Time Rush performed with the help of Snoop and how did the KCAs repay him? By dousing him in slime. He was slimier than anyone else that got slimed!


1. Heidi Klum Gets a New Slimy Style: Heidi is known for being a world-famous supermodel and wearing all kinds of designer duds, but at the KCAs, she wore slime and it was beautiful! We think she looks good in green, don't you?

Wanna see what went on behind the slime-y scenes? Check out this backstage video!


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