Top 5 Funniest Moments Ever

Posted on Mar 29, 2011

"Funny" is basically the middle name to the Kids' Choice Awards. With past hosts like Jack Black (can't wait for him to make us LOL again this year!) and Kevin James, to name a few, our stomach muscles haven't fully recovered from all the laughing we've done while watching the KCAs over the past few years. Check out the top 5 moments that had us ROFL and get ready to add more funny memories to this list after the 2011 KCAs on April 2nd!

5. Kevin James Gets Help From a Friend: Kevin James is funny on his own (obviously), but throw fellow comedian Adam Sandler into the mix and you've got a laugh riot on your hands! Adam showed up in an angel costume at the 2010 KCAs to help Kevin get suited up for his big night. If only Adam could help us get dressed in the morning...


4. Katy Perry Scares Miley: We all recall Katy Perry getting a slime-in-the-box to her face last year at the KCAs, but what you might not remember is that Katy was drenched in slime on stage when Miley went up to accept her KCA. Katy was nice enough to offer a congratulatory hug to Miley for her big win, but Miley dissed her and her slime-covered outfit! Miley trying to slip away from Katy's grasp is our #4 funniest moment.


3. Emergency Slime Leak: Steve Carell and Tobey Maguire showed up to the KCAs in '07 to promote their new movies, but instead of just getting to blather about Spiderman and Evan Almighty , they were put to work! A few holes sprouted in the wall on stage and slime was leaking everywhere! Watching these two dudes trying to plug the slime holes while they got soaked was truly a moment to remember.

2. Dylan Sprouse's Funny Face: While we're not exactly sure what's going on in this exact moment backstage at the 2010 KCAs, we bet it was hilarious! This is one of the funniest photos we've ever seen! Dylan Sprouse looks like he's either smelling something awful or he's giving a very exaggerated "huh?!" to the camera. Either way, we're sure it was taken before he beat out his brother Cole for the KCA! Who should win this year? Dylan Sprouse or Cole Sprouse? You decide, and vote KCA now!


1. Jack Black Can Sing About Anything: And the number one funniest moment in KCA history goes to our host Jack Black singing about slime. "'s just a state of mind," Jack sings, while wearing a curve-hugging superhero outfit. He busts some sweet moves, sings a great tune, and has us nodding our heads in agreement that he's the funniest dude in Hollywood. We better get ready to be laughing all night long on April 2nd!



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