Top 5 Best Slimes in History

Posted on Apr 1, 2011

Sliming is an art. It can be perfectly timed to surprise celebrities, or it can be totally expected and still totally make us laugh! Check out these top 5 hilarious slimings and gear up with extra towels and cleaning supplies for the 2011 KCAs this Saturday!

5. A Big Slimy Kid: Jim Carrey can make us laugh by basically standing in place and not even saying anything. But when he got slimed and threw up his hands in delight, we realized why we love Jim so much: because he's just a big kid! He's drenched and embracing it, like a true kid would.


4. Pink's Customized Slime Time: Pink is known for her get-up-and-dance anthems, so naturally we had to slime her while she was performing! Don't worry, we showed her love by using pink slime instead of green, for once! You're welcome, Pink!


3. Katy Perry's Box o' Slime: By now you have to be familiar with the best slime of all time: Katy Perry's surprise jack in the box slime present. She was so slimy that she lost her shoes, fell to the ground, and even king of dry humor, Jonah Hill, couldn't keep a straight face. Booyah!


2. The Olsens Get Slimed in Style: We admire the Olsen twins clothing, designs, movie roles, choice of boyfriends...we could go on and on. But the moment that really sealed the deal for us as Olsen fans was when they were shockingly slimed and then hugged it out in all their messy glory. Such a sisterly moment caught on camera!


1. Mike Myers Turns Slime Into Hair Gel: Mike Myers can make comedy out of anything. When he got slimed he didn't just let it ruin his outfit or make his eyes sting, he used it to style his hair! Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it!


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