Top 5 Best Dressed Nominees

Posted on Mar 30, 2011

The Orange Carpet may be way more fun than the red carpet (obvs!), but it still means that the stars will be dressed to impress when they show up to walk on it! These stylish stars rank on our list of best dressed celebs just like they rank on the nominee list for the Kids' Choice Awards. Check out which of your faves made our list and tell us in the comments who you think is the best dressed!

5. Miranda Cosgrove: Miranda always wows us with her unique and flattering sense of style. Whether she's rocking skinny jeans and a sweater or a fancy shmancy cocktail dress, we envy this girl's style sense!


4. Victoria Justice: Coming in at #4 on our list is Victoria Justice for claiming victory over her wardrobe. It must be tough to choose what to wear every day when you're a celebrity and you've got it all, but this girl manages to figure it out! Check out Victoria's best styles here!


3. Miley Cyrus: Miley is always "just being Miley" and that's what we love about this fashionista. She dresses for herself and doesn't care what anyone thinks of it! Whether she's in an edgy mood and rockin' cutoff shorts or she's feeling girly and glam and wearing ruffles, we love how Miley dresses on-screen and off! Check out more of Miley's best dresses here!


2. Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift's stylishness is head-to-toe. Her hair is always perfectly curly and side-swept, her lips are always bright red and flawless, and her dresses are always perfectly chosen and sparkly. Just like her personality! Keep up the great style, girl.


1. Emma Watson: #1 on our list had to be Miss Emma Watson. She's gone from awkwardly young and spunky to uniquely chic and spirited over the years. Who would've thought that under those stuffy Hogwarts blazers there was a stylista yearning to break out of her shell? Check out Emma's best styles here! And then vote Emma Watson for the KCA!


Be sure to tune into the Kids' Choice Awards April 2nd to see what everyone is wearing! Check out more KCA style right here!


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