Nominee Twins: Which Is Which?

Posted on Apr 1, 2011

The KCAs are tomorrow, so you BETTER know all of your nominees by now! But there are two sets of nominees that can get a little confusing sometimes...probably because they look exactly alike! Well, we put together a little test to see if you can tell the KCA clones apart. It's a little game we like to call, "Which Is Which?" Read facts about each nominee and see if you can match the correct fact with the correct sibling. Ready....Set...GO!


The Sprouse Twins:
Dylan Sprouse: A
Cole Sprouse: B

1.) I'm the older twin!
2.) I starred in the TV show, Friends
3.) I won a blimp last year!
4.) I major in Fine Arts at NYU
5.) I major in Film/TV Production at NYU
6.) I'm a movie producer!
7.) I'm on the left in this picture
8.) I'm on the right in this picture


The Williams Sisters:
Serena Wiliams: A
Venus Williams: B

1.) I have my own clothing line
2.) I won Favorite Female Athlete last year!
3.) I'm ranked #12 in the world in women's tennis
4.) I was nominated for a KCA last year, but didn't win :(
5.) I won Wimbleton in 2008!
6.) I won Wimbleton in 2009!
7.) I'm on the left in this picture
8.) I'm on the right in this picture

....Need some help? You can always visit the KCA nominee page and do some research!

Are you ready for the answers? Here they are!

The Sprouse Twins:
1.) A
2.) B
3.) A
4.) A
5.) B
6.) B
7.) B
8.) A

The Williams Sisters:
1.) B
2.) B
3.) A
4.) A
5.) B
6.) A
7.) A
8.) B

How'd you do?! Make sure you don't miss these lovable duos at the Kids' Choice Awards tomorrow! And vote Serena Williams, vote Venus Williams, vote Cole Sprouse, or vote Dylan Sprouse before it's too late!!


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