Celeb Family Tree: Serena and Venus Williams

Posted on Mar 19, 2011

We don't know about your families, but in ours, there are a few siblings to fight with over the bathroom. We often wonder about the family lives of some of our favorite celebrity idols. Take Serena Williams, for instance. We know her sister Venus Williams pretty well since she's a famous tennis pro just like S, but what about the rest of her fam?

It turns out that Serena is the youngest of five daughters! Talk about hand-me-down clothes, right? She has three half sisters: Yetunde, Lyndrea, and Isha, and her full sister is Venus. The girls were always coached by their parents when it came to tennis, and to this day, their parental units are still pushing them to the very top. It must be cool to have such talented family members!


Don't forget to vote Serena Williams and vote Venus Williams for Favorite Female Athlete! We won't tell them which sister you chose. Promise!


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