KCA 2012 Best Dressed

Posted on Apr 1, 2012

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The paparazzi must be totally wiped. 'Cause with all the glamorous stars that showed up on yesterday's Orange Carpet, they were whipped into a photo frenzy! But even though all the celebs were worthy of flashing lights, there were a few who stood out for their wow-ing wardrobe. Check out our list of the KCA 2012 best dressed.

5. First up is miss Victoria Justice. She ditched her usual glittery gown for a comfy, yet stylish shorts suit. And while dishing with co-star Daniella Monet on the carpet, she couldn't stop gabbing about her new look! Check it out.

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4. If you missed Nicki Minaj at the KCAs this year, then you missed out! She was sporting a cute and crazy dress that looked like it'd fit perfectly on a paper doll! Props for her fearless fashion sense.

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3. Selena Gomez rocked a two-piece dress this year, and we give it a two-thumbs up! This gal always knows how to go glam.

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2. Will Smith may have been the 2012 host, but it was his family that was the talk of the Orange Carpet. Together, they're the definition of swagger.

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1. And our number one best dressed celeb of the night is Katy Perry! Hey, she sported an outfit inspired by slime! There's just no topping that one.

If you dig all these fabulous threads, then you're in luck. 'Cause we've got a whole bundle of pics from the best dressed celebs at KCA 2012, straight from the Orange Carpet. Three cheers for fashion!


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