Best Acceptance Speeches

Posted on Mar 31, 2012


While getting slimed at the KCAs is the ultimate honor, heading home with a Blimp in hand is also a huge goal of the night. A lot of winners got the best of both worlds and walked away slimy and very, very green! Check out the best acceptance speeches from 2012 Kids' Choice Awards. Each one was better than the next!


Justin Bieber:

What a whirlwind of emotions went down when Justin Bieber won! When Jaden and Willow Smith told us that Justin wouldn't be there to accept his award for Favorite Male Singer, we were bummed...but then when he ran through the audience hugging fans and slapping hands. We were so excited! Yay, Beliebers!


Katy Perry:
Katy Perry was nominated for 3 awards at the KCAs this year. And after her amazing performance of "Part of Me," she was presented with the Blimp for Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie! Seems like her blue style really paid off!


Kristen Stewart:
Kristen Stewart took home the Blimp for Favorite Movie Actress and she took the opportunity on the mic to tell us that the KCAs are the best award show in the world (duh!). And she also said that Katy Perry's performance was the coolest thing she's ever seen! We couldn't agree more.


Adam Sandler:
Adam Sandler may be a grownup, but this funny guy totally understands what it means to be a kid! And to show everyone how much he appreciates his kids, he got the entire audience to repeat after him and shout out them! Best. Dad. Ever.


Selena Gomez:
Wizards of Waverly Place star Selena Gomez shined on stage as she accepted her award for Favorite TV Actress and celebrated the wrap-up of her amazing show. We thank, YOU, Selena for being such an awesome Alex Russo!


The Cast of Victorious:
We're so excited for the cast of Victorious on their first win for Favorite TV Show! They so deserved it. We were jumping up and down and Victoria was so emotional that she was crying tears of happiness!

Congrats to all the lucky winners! And if you don't know all the new Blimp-owners by heart yet, then check out the full list right here!


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