Top 5 Slime Moments

Posted on Mar 31, 2012

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While we love seeing who takes home the Blimps at the Kids' Choice Awards, and who wore what on the Orange Carpet, we have to admit that the biggest highlight of the night is always LOL-ing at who gets the biggest, most intense, most exciting slime of the year! It's truly an honor to be doused with that much goo, don't ya think? Let's check out who got it the best at the KCAs this time around...

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5. Chris Colfer:
Glee's Chris Colfer had the honor of attending his very first KCAs this year and as a slime survivor, Heidi Klum introduced him to the wonderful world of the green go in a big way. His face tells us everything we need to know about how it feels to be covered in slime in front of millions of people!

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4. Halle Berry:
Halle Berry thought she could get away with showing up late to the KCAs (how could she?!), but Will Smith did NOT let it slide. He saved a seat for her, front and center, so we could all get the best view of her getting completely coated in goo! As Will said, you gotta earn it! And she sure did...

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3. Glowing Slimy Fan:
Speaking of earning the slime, Will Smith's opening entrance involved a lot of slime and the innocent audience members got the bulk of it dumped on them! They had the best seats in the house, right?

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2. Taylor Lautner:
Taylor definitely proved that he has what it takes to be an action star -- he did 1,000 pushups during the commercial break! And how did Will Smith congratulate him for all his hard work? By sliming him silly! That was some powerful sliming, but if anyone can withstand that kind of slime strength, it's Taylor Lautner!

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1. Justin Bieber:
The number 1 slime moment of the night definitely goes to Justin Bieber! He was voted by all of you to be the secret celeb to be slimed. And boy, did he look goo-tiful! Even host Will Smith had to shield him from the slime.

Let's all sit back and take a moment to think about all those lucky slime-y folks washing off all the oo-ey goo right about now. Love it!


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