Style File: Bruno Mars

Posted on Mar 29, 2012


If martians landed in the distant future, and Bruno Mars' wardrobe was all that was left of humanity, man...they would think our civilization was super cool. The same way this Hawaiian hit-maker mixes the past 50 years of music with his hometown's laid-back blend, he also rocks half a century of fashion swagger in every outrageous outfit. Last time we heard of somebody remixing that much style and song craft, we called him 'The King'. Could Bruno Mars be the next Elvis? He sure dresses the part.


Even in a bustling pack of hot pink impostors, Bruno stands out as an unmistakable individual, grabbing eyes not only with his bossy blazer and dotty tie, but with his smile.


Hel-lo handsome! Although Bruno packed for the Hollywood Hills directly after high school, he packs the look of a whole lifetime of learning in with these super smart spectacles.


Who's bad? Bruno Mars goes from sixties swagalicious to seventies NYC street without losing a crumb of cred.


Here he swaps out his denim and leather for cords, sneaks, and casual plaid, tying the whole preppy combo together with his trademark hat. Is there anything this pop star can't pull off? This dude would look smooth in footie pajamas. Thanks for the style inspiration, Mr. Mars.

And if you dig these threads as much as we do, then go send Bruno a vote for Favorite Male Singer. There's only two days left 'til the Blimp winners are announced!


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