KCA Fun Fact: Nathan Kress

Posted on Mar 20, 2012


We heart Nathan Kress for all of his tech-y web genius on the hit show iCarly (plus, he's a pretty cute dude). That's probably why we thought he deserved a KCA nomination for Favorite TV Sidekick. But where was this handsome Hollywood actor before he scored his role as Freddie Benson?


It turns out, Nathan originally came to Nick as a guest star on Drake and Josh. But while editing the episode, his scene was left on the cutting room floor (oh no!). But that's okay. Nathan found his way into the spotlight anyway! Drake and Josh creator, Dan Schnieder, noticed Nathan's acting chops on set, and decided to cast him in his newest project, the wacky web show iCarly. And alas, Freddie Benson was born!


But even better news...although Nathan's scene was cut, we did a little digging in the Nickelodeon archives and spotted little Nathan hiding in one of the show's split-second frames! So it looks like he made his TV debut on Drake and Josh after all...

Don't forget to vote Nathan for a Blimp. He deserves it for this awesome rise to super stardom!


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