Katy Perry's Greatest 'Dos

Posted on Mar 24, 2012


Hair we go again! It's time to chat about one of our KCA nominee's greatest 'dos. And if we had to pick one set of locks to look at, it would be the one that's the most dye-namic. You guessed it! We're chatting about Katy Perry's hippest hair styles. And we're letting you choose which is best.

True Blue: Most fans probably think Katy was born with these sapphire strands because it's become her signature look! Believe it or not, her natural color is blonde.


Blonde Beauty: Here's her natural bob! Katy looks gorge with a touch of gold, don't you think?


Dark 'Do: When Katy takes her 'do dark, it makes her beautiful green eyes shine!


Think Pink: Katy loves sweet treats so much, that even her hair is starting to look like cotton candy! Yum!


Color Combo: And when Katy can't decide which color to rock, she just wears them all. Check out this wonderful rainbow 'do!

So which of Katy's hairstyles do you like best? Cast your vote below. And don't forget to cast the vote that counts, Katy Perry for the Favorite Female Singer KCA!


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