What A 1Derful Performance from One Direction!

Posted on Mar 31, 2012

Blog Image: One Direction Performance 1

They travel in a pack. They've got mobs of screaming fans. And they all speak in British accents. It's the beautiful boys of 1D! This year, they came and rocked their first Kids' Choice Awards, ever. And from Harry's beautiful hair, to Louis' pitch-perfect vocals, we're reliving their 1derful KCA performance. And if you call yourself a Directioner, you're gonna wanna relive it, too.

Blog Image: One Direction Performance 2

Singing "What Makes You Beautiful," dressed in black and white and cute all over, the boys of One Direction made such a splash (no, sadly, they weren't slimed in the process!) at the show. Everyone from Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez (and even First Lady Michelle Obama!) were singing and dancing along with them. (And obviously we were jumping in the air, too.)

Blog Image: One Direction Performance 3

Too bad they didn't get coated in goo. Green would've really complemented their outfits! But hey, there's always next year!

Check out the video of the boys rocking the KCA stage below!


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