Setting Up for Kids' Choice Awards 2012

Posted on Mar 30, 2012


With the KCAs tomorrow, we've gotta lot of prep to do...FAST!! But don't worry, everything will be ready and goo-tiful by the time the first celebrity shoes hit our Orange Carpet. And we should know, 'cause we've been hanging on the set, watching all the magic come to life!


Yup. We just landed in sunny Los Angeles. And since we're hanging around as they light the lights and gather the goo, we decided, why not give you an inside look, too? Feast your eyes on these super secret backstage pics of us setting the stage for the Kids' Choice Awards!


Pretty cool, huh? We've got high hanging signs, gallons of slime, and one gargantuan stage ready for all the epic performances (and Blimp acceptance speeches). And if you can't get enough of these pre-show pics, then check out the whole album of snapshots we put together just to give you a little taste of what's to come...


But hey, the awards aren't happening yet! There's still a few things we need you to do, too. Like vote, vote, and VOTE!!! And don't forget to head to or into your KCA App when the show does kick off with the 'Countdown to Kids' Choice' pre-show at 7/6c. See you there!!


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