Taylor Swift Gets Her First Blimp from the First Lady!

Posted on Mar 31, 2012

Blog Image: Taylor Swift Wins Big Help Award 1

Who remembers when First Lady Michelle Obama scored The Big Help Blimp in 2010? Well, at KCA 2012, she went from White House winner to presidential presenter! Tonight, Michelle handed the big Blimp over to the helpful country crooner, Taylor Swift. And this moment was so memorable, it belongs on our all-time-coolest-KCA-acceptances-ever list. (Yes, that's an actual running list).

Blog Image: Taylor Swift Wins Big Help Award 3

Taylor was totally pumped to meet the First Lady and to accept her first Blimp ever at her first visit ever to the KCAs! As Michelle talked about what a difference Taylor has made in the lives of so many people affected by natural disasters, Tay teared up. And we (of course) did too.

Blog Image: Taylor Swift Wins Big Help Award 2

It was so sweet to see Taylor so thankful for the honor. She even told the audience how proud she was of all of the change-makers out there. We're proud of YOU, Taylor! Thanks for doing all that you do.


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