The Top 5 KCA Moments of 2012

Posted on Apr 1, 2012

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What a show! The 2012 KCAs were the slimiest yet. And that's really saying something! We laughed, we cried, we danced, and oh, did we slime. Check out the top 5 moments from the show that we'll relive and remember forever!

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5. Chris Colfer's First Slime:
If there's anyone we'd love to show us the ropes of getting slimed on national TV, it's Heidi Klum. And that's exactly what she did for Chris Colfer at his very first KCAs! And wow, he really got green, didn't he?

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4. Michelle Obama Presents Taylor Swift's Big Help Award:
As if being awarded the Big Help Award wasn't enough of an honor, First Lady Michelle Obama was the presenter! Taylor Swift deserves the same praise that former Big Help award-winner, Mrs. Obama, gave her. What an amazing moment in KCA and US history!

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3. One Direction's Performance:
One Direction knows how to work a room -- even if that room is a giant arena filled with screaming fans! Their performance of "What Makes You Beautiful" made everyone get up and dance (including Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift)!

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2. Big Time Rush's Big Win:
Go BTR! Not only did these guys win the Blimp for Favorite Music Group, but they definitely win the award for 'coolest reveal' in our book! The news was announced with larger-than-life cutouts of their heads (that we so wish we could take home with us). Wouldn't they look amazing in your room? LOL! The guys ran up to the stage and announced that they were filming their music video for "Time of Our Life" live during the show! And boy, was it awesome.

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1. Justin Bieber's Ultimate Sliming:
Justin Bieber surprised everyone by showing up to accept his award for Favorite Male Singer, but we can't say we were that surprised that he ended up sopping wet with slime -- it is the KCAs, after all. He and Will Smith embraced each other as buckets and buckets of slime poured down on them. Justin's hair didn't stand a chance! (Although it still looked pretty perfect).

All in all, it was a successfully slimy KCAs. Slime y'all next year!


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