Top 5 Orange Carpet Moments

Posted on Mar 31, 2012

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From the moment the leading limo pulled in and the first pair glittery feet stepped down on the Orange Carpet, we've been scurrying about, trying to catch every morsel of celebrity sparkle. And from breaking news to the size of their shoes, we caught it all. But what were the top moments from our KCA 2012 'Countdown to Kids' Choice'? We're listing our picks right here...

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5. Will Smith Attempts to Find a Parking Spot for His Blimp:
KCA host Will Smith circled the Orange Carpet in his giant Blimp and taunted us all with the big question: how was he going to get down from there? Well by now we all know the answer -- he skydived down, of course! There's no risk Will won't take for an amazing entrance.

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4. Big Time Rush's Party Bus Arrival:
Big Time Rush didn't decide to skydive out of a Blimp to get to the Orange Carpet, but they did hop on a party bus for the occasion! Why not start the party on the ride over? These guys have the right idea!

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3. Keke Palmer and Max Schneider Perform:
Keke Palmer and Max Schneider performed their song "Me and You Against the World" from Rags and blew us all away! The crowd was singing along and having an amazing time and the real show hadn't even started yet. Love it!

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2. The Power Rangers Flip Out:

Hector David Jr. and the rest of the Power Rangers squad showed off some of their Mooger-fighting moves while celebrating Alex Heartmans nomination on the Orange Carpet.

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1. Katy Perry Arrives in a Slime Green Outfit:
Katy Perry had the honor of being literally blown backwards by her slimy surprise at the KCAs in 2010, so this year she decided to "pay homage" to her former gooey incident by wearing a green getup. Hey, at least if she gets slimed again it'll blend in!

We'll never forget all the Orange Carpet action that went down at this year's KCAs. And we've got PLENTY of moments to keep us least until next year that is. :)


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