Which Nom Was Left Out: Favorite Movie Actor

Posted on Mar 26, 2012


Our KCA nominees are noms for a reason! They're all totally talented! But when it came down to choosing the Blimp contenders for Favorite Movie Actor, things got a little bit tough. There's just so many awesome actors to choose from! That said, we think this group of four fab celebs is totally solid. But we admit there's a couple guys in Hollywood who came close. Get the deets on this year's knockout nominees and decide if you think anyone was left out.

Alright, let's be serious. It's not like we'd ever leave Johnny Depp off the list. From his hit film Rango to the first Pirates flick, this guy's been on the A-list for years. And he deserves a Blimp!


And this year is our last chance to award Daniel Radcliffe a Blimp for his magical performance as Harry Potter. Sadly, the films have finally came to a close (tear!). And even though Daniel's sticking around in the spotlight, we think he deserves a nomination for Hogwarts' sake!


From last year's epic slime finale to his hilarious performance in Mr. Popper's Penguins, Jim Carrey always knows how to keep us LOLing. And for that, he deserves a shot at the Blimp (and maybe another shower in slime).


But Jim isn't the only comedian in the house! Adam Sandler is one fabulously funny guy. And he's even more hilarious when he's playing two roles at once in Jack and Jill! Yup. That's Blimp-worthy for sure.


Even though all these guys totally rock, is there one actor out there who you think deserves a shot? Maybe the handsome vamp BF of fellow nom, Kristen Stewart...also known as Robert Pattinson?

Don't forget to vote for your Favorite Movie Actor before it's too late. Only eight days left!


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