KCA Non-Nominees

Posted on Feb 28, 2014


While you're busy voting for all your fave KCA 2014 nominees, it's important to also honor those who came second in the running! We call them the Non-Nominees. Maybe these guys didn't make the cut, and maybe you don't even recognize them (probably because they're totally made up!), but we still think we should give them an honorable mention, anyway.

Non Nominee For Favorite Male Singer: Bruno Jupiter
First up, Bruno Jupiter. Sure, he's got a planet for a head and he wears shades even though he's the 5th planet away from the sun, but he's got some musical talent! Although, we couldn't nominate him because he's got a bit of a temper. He's always storming around!


Non Nominee For Favorite Female Singer: Lady GooGoo
Next up, we're honoring Lady GooGoo. She's got the same skills on the stage as her KCA nominated counterpart, Lady Gaga. But she's got a pretty big obsession with slime. Like, seriously, she's in love with it. In fact, she loves it SO much, that we couldn't nominate her because she'd probably steal all the slime at the KCAs. And well, that can't happen!


Non Nominee For Favorite Book: Hairy Pottery
And last, but certainly not least, we're honoring the Non-Nominee for Favorite Book, Hairy Pottery. Okay, so it may not be as popular as the wizardly series Harry Potter, but this book tells you all about potted plants that have an overgrowth of body hair. Kinda gross. Yeah, okay that's probably why this book wasn't nominated.

Even though these Non-Nominees are totally, positively, 100 percent fake, it's still important to give them props! Because second place is really, ridiculously close to first. Now go vote for all the REAL nominees out there. You've only got a few short weeks left!


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