KCA 2012: Whose Shoes?

Posted on Mar 30, 2012


It's a good thing the KCAs are almost here, because we can't wait to check out all the totally awesome styles on the Orange Carpet! But when tons of stars hit the same gala at the same time, competition can be fierce. And what happens? Outrageous fashion, that's what! While checking out our KCA nominees, we noticed a few of them had a knack for silly shoes. And to prep you for all the crazy clothes that you could see tomorrow, we're playing a little game called 'Whose Shoes.'

Here's how to play...we provide the pumps, and you guess the star! Do you think you know our KCA noms from head to toe? Let's see...


The owner of these shoes likes to keep her style 'On the Edge.' And she can't help it, she was 'Born this Way'!


There's only one person who can rock shoes as out-of-this-world as these...Lady Gaga! We can always count on Gaga to shake things up at any event, and these bling-ed out sci-fi Cinderella heels definitely prove it.


These hip heels look like they belong on aboard a 'Starship' in outer space. But they're actually owned by one of our most anticipated KCA arrivals.


Yup! It's Nicki Minaj!! Although she's not officially a nominee, she's set to hit the awards to cheer on her celebrity pals (and maybe to lend a few more tips to host, Will Smith). But what wacky styles will she sport on her feet? We'll have to wait and see...


And these fifties platforms could go with just about anything. Whether it's a dress made of candy, or a bright blue wig!


You guessed it, these stylish shoes belong to 'Teenage Dream' Katy Perry. With this gorge getup, KP could make a fashion statement no matter what the decade. But it's a good thing she's living in the new millennium. 'Cause we wanna see her Orange Carpet shoe swag.

Sadly, our guessing game of 'Whose Shoes' is over. But hey, don't be glum, we've only got 24 hours until our stars hit the Orange Carpet...sporting a whole new bundle of fabtastic footwear.


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