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Kendall Schmidt Talks About His Pet Pig Yuma!

Posted on Feb 21, 2013

Blog Image Kendall Schmidt's Pet Pig Yuma 1

What's cuter than a pink piglet with a short curly tail? Okay, maybe they're covered in mud and smell like a pair of dirty socks. But if Big Time Rush star Kendall Schmidt can love them, so can we! Kendall is a proud owner of a teacup pig (who ever said dogs were a guy's best friend was clearly mistaken). And she goes by the name of Yuma! But this isn't just any pet piglet. According to Kendall, this oinking family member is destined for the spotlight.

Blog Image Kendall Schmidt's Pet Pig Yuma 2

"Yuma is smart, like, really smart," Kendall told Celebuzz. "I think Yuma would make an awesome animal star," he added. "If Babe and Wilbur can do it, she can do it!"

So if the BTR boys are ever searching for a fifth member, they might not have to look very far! They just may have to re-record some of their songs to include Pig Latin ;).


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