Backstage Shenanigans

Posted on Mar 23, 2013

KCA 2013 Backstage Shenanigans 1

From sumo suit zip-lining to unforgettable slimings, there were countless epic moments at this year's Kids' Choice Awards. But what kind of wild and crazy stuff happened behind-the-scenes? We've got it covered. We caught all the backstage shenanigans going down at KCA 2013. And let's just say, you're in for a laugh.

KCA 2013 Backstage Shenanigans 2

We caught Pitbull jamming out to himself right before heading on stage for his big KCA performance. Hey, it's okay. We all like to sing and dance while no one else is around. No shame.

KCA 2013 Backstage Shenanigans 3

Kristen threw up the peace sign while hanging back stage post-slime. Even while slathered in goop, she's all smiles. Duh! Getting slimed is like, the highest honor you can have!

KCA 2013 Backstage Shenanigans 4

Awe! We just love it when BFFs get to hang while at the KCAs. Group hug, guys, group hug!

KCA 2013 Backstage Shenanigans 5

We caught Neil Patrick Harris giving a goofy goo grin after his on-stage sliming. We need tons of towels and a mega mop. Stat!

KCA 2013 Backstage Shenanigans 6

Sandra Bullock was also showing off her new 'do of green goo. We've gotta say, green looks pretty good on her. Don't you agree?

KCA 2013 Backstage Shenanigans 7

New besties alert! We caught Johnny Depp and Kesha backstage snapping adorable pics together. Do we smell a budding friendship? We think so!

KCA 2013 Backstage Shenanigans 8

Awe! Victoria took a time out to give some high fives to her favorite fans. There is a reason why the Victorious crew scored a Blimp for Favorite TV Show this year. They're not only uber talented, but they're super down-to-earth too.

KCA 2013 Backstage Shenanigans 9

We also caught Miranda Cosgrove hanging with bud Jaden Smith behind-the-scenes. We wonder where they're headed for the post-show after party. Seriously guys. Can we tag along?!

KCA 2013 Backstage Shenanigans 10

And adorable duo Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande were chit chatting while waiting to present off-stage. It's all about the girl talk.

We don't know what was more fun, watching the show or hanging back stage? We might have to call this one a tie...


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