KCA Buttkicker Face Off

Posted on Mar 11, 2013

buttkicker faceoff image 1

If anyone can fight their way to a blimp, it's one of the KCA Buttkickers. It's what they're famous for! But how are their battle skills in the ring? We're about to find out. We're pitting our KCA noms against some of the fiercest fighters we know, just to test their chops. So how would Buttkicker Dwayne Johnson do against the highly-trained turtle warrior, Leonardo? Let the face off begin. Ding ding!

buttkicker faceoff image 2

ROUND ONE: When it comes to size, this game is pretty evenly matched. Both of these guys are made of muscle! But with Dwayne's past experience fighting in the ring, he's got a few more wrestling moves than Leo, who spends most of his time kicking butt in the streets and sewers. Advantage Dwayne!

buttkicker faceoff image 3

ROUND TWO: Now, let's not forget how fierce Leo can be with his signature pair of Japanese swords. And with his level of discipline and training, he's almost unbeatable! But we said almost. Dwayne has played the following roles in movies: a speed racer, an air marshal, a secret agent and Hercules. Yes, we said Hercules. Basically, Dwayne has the strength of a Greek god. That wins him this round, hands down.

buttkicker faceoff image 4

So, the winner of this fearsome face off is Dwayne Johnson! Although, we've gotta give Leo some credit. He's a mean, green force to be reckoned with. But will this win give Dwayne the confidence to score the big orange blimp this year? We'll have to see how he fares against the rest of the Kids' Choice Awards Buttkickers next Saturday, the 23rd. Until then, keep voting!


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