KCA Buttkicker Face Off

Posted on Feb 25, 2013

Buttkicker Faceoff Anne Po 1

Prepare for a battle of the ages!! We're pitting this year's KCA Favorite Buttkicker nominees against some of our fiercest fighters to see just how awesome their battle skills are. First up is the courageous Catwoman, Anne Hathaway! And we're sending her into the ring with one of our most highly trained kung fu masters, Po from Kung Fu Panda. Ding ding! Let the face off begin...

ROUND ONE: In one corner is Po, weighing in at 500 lbs (plus a belly full of dumplings). He's definitely got an advantage on the scales! And in the other corner is Anne. While as light as a feather, she's got feline flexibility that's a major benefit in the ring. In fact, we think that scores her enough points to conquer this round!

Buttkicker Faceoff Anne Po 2

ROUND 2: Let's talk battle techniques. Po's got powerful tricks up his furry sleeves, like the Thundering Wind Hammer and the Mongolian Fireball. Phew! Those are tough to beat. But Anne's got some moves of her own. A swift swipe of Catwoman's claws could mean a major knock out for this ninja warrior. Ouch!

Buttkicker Faceoff Anne Po 3

So who wins in this caged combat of epic proportions? Although we think Po's karate skills rule, we've gotta give this one to Anne Hathaway. She's a feline force that should NOT messed with! But how will she fare against the rest of the Favorite Buttkicker nominees? That's all up to you. Don't forget to vote!


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