The Orange Carpet Was Amay-Cray!

Posted on Mar 23, 2013

KCA 2013 Orange Carpet Moments 1.jpg

This year, the Orange Carpet was completely ridonkey, we mean banoodles, we mean amay-cray!! Actually, it was a bit of all three. There were tons of hilarious shenanigans going down this year, from shouting out these wild and wacky words to Matt Bennett announcing that he's the king of slime! But what moments were the coolest? Check it out.

KCA 2013 Orange Carpet Moments 2

Okay so as you already know, thanks to YOU and your votes, there was a giant trampoline on the Orange Carpet this year. Can you say awesome? Tons of celebs got their jump on, like superstar Jaden Smith. Look at him go!

KCA 2013 Orange Carpet Moments 3

Three words: Celebrities. Drinking. Slime. Yes, this happened on the 2013 Orange Carpet. And boy, was it entertaining. Nick Studio 10's Noah Grossman took a sip and told us it tasted like old hot dogs. Do we believe him? We might have to taste it for ourselves and find out...Gulp.

KCA 2013 Orange Carpet Moments 4

And Nick Cannon tried some gunky slime, too. Looks like he's a fan! Do you think he'll work slime into his day-to-day diet? We wonder where it falls on the food pyramid...

KCA 2013 Orange Carpet Moments 5

Do you know how hard it is to not touch something that says DO NOT TOUCH? We know. It's probably the most difficult thing in the universe. And all the peeps on the Orange Carpet found the buttons irresistible too. Like Rico Rodriguez here. Don't do it Ricooo!

KCA 2013 Orange Carpet Moments 6

But what happened when the NS10 kids took the plunge and slammed down the green button? A great big, explosive, unbelievable shower of...confetti!

KCA 2013 Orange Carpet Moments 7

Another fantabulous moment on the Orange Carpet was when YOU voted on the latest, greatest, most ridiculous word for Jennette McCurdy to say. And she agreed to say it on the KCA stage! It's always good to expand on your vocabulary. In fact, it's pretty amay-cray.

KCA 2013 Orange Carpet Moments 8

And last but not least, you remember meeting Tito, right?! Awe. Isn't he the cutest? He's a Nick newbie from Nick Studio 10, and he was a total hit on the Carpet! Plus, we've gotta say, he looks pretty glam all dressed up. And that's all thanks to you! 'Cause you voted for Tito to strut into the awards dressed as Doggy Gaga! Rama Ra-ma-ma. Rama Ra-ma-ma!

KCA 2013 Orange Carpet Moments 9

All our favorite stars had the biggest blast strolling down the KCA 2013 Orange Carpet and snapping some GIF worthy pics along the way! If you ask us, this was the coolest KCA pre-show we've ever seen. Woot woot!


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