Nevel Papperman's Evil Lair

Posted on Mar 2, 2013

Nevel Evil Lair Image 1

All of our KCA nominees for Best Villain scored their spot on the nom list for a reason. They're all awesome at being wicked! Plus, they're all pretty good at doing evil laughs, too. Muahaha! But there's one more thing that's cool about these villains. Somewhere in the universe, they've got a hidden lair used for all their diabolical plotting. Come on! Every villain has an evil headquarters right? Well, even though we don't know the exact locations of these "lairs" we do have any idea of what they're like. Take iCarly's Nevel Papperman for example. His lair is pretty predictable...

Nevel Evil Lair Image 2

First, he'd have a jar of olive tapenade handy at all times. He loves that stuff! Why? We don't know. He just does. Second, there would definitely be a framed picture of Carly. Whether he loves to hate her or hates to love her, he still loves her. Period. And third, well, let's just say his lair would be perfectly tidy at all times. Keeping encyclopedias in alphabetical order and aligned in a row is totally normal. Surrrrre it is.

Nevel Evil Lair Image 3

Oh! And Nevel already has the perfect pet to hang out with while plotting behind the walls of his evil cave. His porcupine! Now that's an awesome villain if we've ever seen one.

Don't forget to vote for KCA Best Villain this year! And make sure to give Reed Alexander some extra love. He is the actor behind this awesome role, after all. And that deserves serious props.


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