Fake KCA Categories

Posted on Feb 22, 2013

Fake KCA Categories 1

Have you ever wished you could come up with your own KCA category? Sure, we all love voting for the classics, like Favorite Song or Favorite TV Show. But what about the categories that never got a chance at the Kids' Choice Awards? Like Smelliest Armpits or Hairiest Toes (gross...maybe that one was left out for a reason). Well, we asked our fave stars to spill some of their own make believe categories that they think would make for an interesting twist at this year's awards, and they had a few awesome ideas...

Fake KCA Categories 2

Burkely Duffield's fake KCA category would be all about the walk. "Best Orange Carpet Walk or Entrance," he said. "It'd be like a little section of the carpet and you could walk on your hands, you could do a flip or you could crab walk or do something cool. But there'd be like a competition for part of it where it could be like the coolest entrance."

Fake KCA Categories 3

And Ryan Potter thought up a category that was perfect fit for his kick butt crew. "I think I would have to say, Best Trio of Ninjas. There's been some pretty good trios of ninjas in the past." Hmmm, we're thinking of three crime-fighters in particular that would make the perfect nominees!

Fake KCA Categories 4

These fake categories sound so sweet, we just might have to work them into KCA 2014. Just think, this time next February you could be voting for Funkiest Fingernails, Sweetest Secret Handshake or Most Talented Cat Juggler! If you have any nominees in mind, just let us know.


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