Fake KCA History

Posted on Mar 7, 2013

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The information you're about to read is totally FAKE! But hey, it's fun to make things up, isn't it? Anyway, we wanna know what the Kids' Choice Awards were like way back in the ancient days, before computers or airplanes or even text messaging existed (whoa, now that's way back). So we're giving you the totally made up story of how it all began. Ready for the first chapter? Let the historic tale begin....

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Chapter One: The Rise of Slime

Some say that the Kids' Choice Awards started with one man, err, sponge. It was March 2nd, 1713 when the first president, Sir Washington SquarePants, declared, "Kids are the rulers of all! 'Tis kids who shall pick what is cool and what is lame. Let them vote, I say. Let them vote!" It was after Sir SquarePants' famous speech, that kids became the leaders, choosing the winning stars in entertainment arts for the remainder of time.

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Around the same time, in 1723, the first report of slime was made. It was found by a team of archeologists, who discovered the gook in the Mountains of Slimotheon, a volcanic chain of peaks believed to be located in Brazil. Although, one day, the mountains mysteriously disappeared. No scientist has been able to prove their existence since.

This has been the first completely false, made-up, totally fictitious chapter of KCA history. Check in again soon to hear more!


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