Fake KCA History: Part Two!

Posted on Mar 19, 2013

Fake History 2 Image 1

It's time for another chapter of Fake KCA History! Warning: The information you are about to read is 100 percent made up. But hey, it's fun to pretend! We wanna know what the Kids' Choice Awards were like way back in the day, when cave men and women roamed the Earth grunting at each other, "Me. Love. KCA." Seriously though, what was it like?! Here's the (totally fake) back story, continued...

Fake History 2 Image 2

Chapter Two: Trophies and Location, Location, Location!

The first couple of years, the KCA pioneers tried many locations for the awards. But they came across a few hiccups. The rainforest was too rainy, the desert was too dry, and the moon, well, the whole entire audience floated away!! So finally, they decided on sunny California, where the awards are still held today.

Fake History 2 Image 3

As for the KCA trophy, there was some trail and error there too. The first KCA award was a handful of slime, but that was just too messy. Then they tried moon rocks, rabbit's feet, giant eggs and even cacti (ouch!). But due to extreme weight, angry mother birds and potential for injury, they settled on the big orange blimp we know and love. And we agree, it's a lot easier to carry.

This has been the second chapter of the utterly made-up, completely false book of KCA History. We'll be testing you on this later... Just kidding!

Don't miss the real historic moments go down at the LIVE awards starting this Saturday night, March 23rd at 7:30/6:30c on Nick.com!


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