Funny Facts About The KCAs

Posted on Feb 22, 2013

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Who's ready to hear some hilarious Kids' Choice Awards factoids? You got it! In preparation of this year's events, we dug up some funny facts about the show. If you won a big orange Blimp, how strong would you have to be to lift it? If you watched the show two decades ago, what would it be like? And if you found yourself in a foreign land, how would you translate your KCA lingo? You're about to get the answers to all of these questions, thanks to our LOL-worthy info below!

KCA Funny Facts 2

Fact 1: Every KCA blimp weighs in at 2.02 pounds. So, you might not need to lift any weights before accepting your award, but it might hurt if you accidentally dropped the award on your toes (ouch!).

Funny KCA Facts 3

Fact 2: Until 1990, the Kids' Choice Award was a teleidoscope -- a cross between a telescope and kaleidoscope. Jus imagine how colorful the KCAs were in the past!

Funny KCA Facts 4

Fact 3: How do you say, "I won a Blimp!" in French? "J'ai gagne un dirigeable!" Now, if you're ever stuck in Paris during the awards, you'll know exactly how to tell everyone you've won. Wahoo!


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