Guess the Nomi-knees!

Posted on Feb 21, 2013

Nominees 1

You may think you know every 2013 KCA nominee from their head to their toes, but do you know your nomi-knees? Turns out, some of these celebrity joints have a voice of their own. And they're giving you clues about which superstar they belong to! But can you guess their owner? Check out these hints from the knees themselves and break a leg (er, good luck)!

Nominees 2

"Hi. We're a pair of incredibly talented knees. Ready for our clues? Here goes. Clue 1: We're SUPER tired from dancing on stage 24/7. Clue 2: We're often found hanging with six other knees. We've got tons of friends. Clue 3: We sneeze when Sydney is around, 'cause he's just our height and we're allergic. You do know Sydney, right? Anyway, happy guessing!"

Nominees 3

Yup! These knees belong to Big Time Rush star Carlos Pena!! Carlos is nominated for TWO blimps this year, one for Favorite Music Group with the rest of the BTR boys, and another solo nod for Favorite TV Actor. Didn't guess correct this time? Then you kneed to start studying. The KCAs are only a few short weeks away!


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