How KCA Slime Is Made

Posted on Feb 20, 2013

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We've been cooking up slime for the Kids' Choice Awards since the beginning of time. And still, we may never know the secret ingredients (or at least we'll never reveal them!). But there has been a few theories circling around about slime over the years. Some think it's made of pudding. Others think it's made of snot. And we even heard of one odd report that it's made of ghost tears. Creeeepy. Anyway, House of Anubis star Burkely Duffield has a few interesting theories of his own to share that may (or may not) answer the question...'How is slime made?'

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"I would say that 'the powers that be' come into a room and there's a giant urn in the middle and there's some supernatural witches that brew the slime," Burkely said."

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"And I believe that they wait and they brew it for an entire year," he continued. "Adding in small ingredients until the KCAs are made, and then that's when it's finally released!"

Call us crazy, but we think Burkely's slime theories may be influenced by the mysterious happenings in the Anubis house! But hey, you never know. Witches have to have something to do when it's not Halloween season. Right?


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