LOL Alert

Posted on Mar 23, 2013

KCA 2013 LOL Alert 1

How hard did you laugh during KCA 2013? Seriously, did you fall off your chair? 'Cause we did. Twice (...ouch). This year's show was totally hilarious! We're talkin' laugh-out-loud, almost-can't-breathe kind of funny. So just to keep the giggles going, we're recapping the most side-splitting moments from the show, right here. It's time for the KCA 2013 LOL Alert!

KCA 2013 LOL Alert 2

At this year's awards, it was all about the facial scruff. Thanks to the mustache cam, everyone was sporting hilarious 'staches! Even Miranda Cosgrove, who gave us a chuckle while wearing hers on stage.

KCA 2013 LOL Alert 3

Wait a second, that's not SpongeBob! Then why is he wearing squarepants? Identity theft alert! Just kidding, this Josh Duhamel costume change was all a part of the show. And it totally made us LOL.

KCA 2013 LOL Alert 4

Slime shooting from a horse's derriere? Yup. That's funny all right. Little bit weird. Lot a bit funny.

KCA 2013 LOL Alert 5

When Carlos saw Katy Perry he just couldn't let her go! Really, though. He wouldn't let her go. Like, it literally took strength to remove him. Was he wearing super duper glue??

KCA 2013 LOL Alert 6

Oh, and remember when Sandra Bullock said she wasn't ready to be slimed? And Neil Patrick Harris said he'd do some silly magic to keep the goo out of her ears?

KCA 2013 LOL Alert 7

Welp, yeah, that didn't happen. Oh, and after Sandra and Neil got covered in gunk, Kristen Stewart got an impromptu sliming, too! Hug it out, guys. Hug it out.

KCA 2013 LOL Alert 8

Sorry, but how funny did Josh look in his Kids' Choice Awards shake attire? We could LOL at this photo for hours, upon hours, upon hours...Hehehe.

KCA 2013 LOL Alert 9

And the show went out with the biggest LOL of all when Josh and Nick Cannon suited up in sumo suits for a zip-lining spectacular to end the show. Two hilarious dudes plus an extreme stunt plus funny costumes? That equals LOL. Lots and lots of LOL!


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