The New Color of Slime?

Posted on Feb 20, 2013

Slime Color Image 1

Ever wondered what slime would be like in the color purple? What about the color orange? Or blue? Or green? Oh wait, it's already green... Anyway! We gave our stars the chance to change the color of our oh-so-famous slime by using their awesome imaginations. And they came up with some pretty cool stuff!

Slime Color Image 2

After chatting with Supah Ninja Ryan Potter, we realized, he likes his KCA slime classic, with a bit of a twist! "I think I'd have to change the lime green to a forest green," he said. "No, not a forest green, maybe like an opaque forest green."

Slime Color Image 3

And Burkely Duffield would completely makeover the color of goo! He told us, "I would go with like a multicolor, like rainbow slime. That was like fluorescent and it would change in different lights, just because it would be demolishing, it would be amazing... it like, changes, and it would just be cool, it would be the good slime."

If YOU could change the color of slime for the KCAs this year, what color would you change it to?


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