The Orange Carpet Trampoline!

Posted on Mar 20, 2013

KCA Poll Reveal Orange Carpet 1.jpg

This year, we're gonna see the KCA Orange Carpet like we've never seen it before! Thanks to your votes, we're giving the classic carpet a totally wacky makeover. We asked you guys to tell us what you wanted to see on the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards Orange Carpet; a pit of snakes, a trampoline, or a donut station. And while all options sounded pretty amazing (and delicious), there's one that ranked way above the rest! So, you picked it guys, at this year's KCAs, the Orange Carpet will have... a TRAMPOLINE!

KCA Poll Reveal Orange Carpet 2

We're so excited that we wanna start jumping up and down. And wait, now we can! ...On our super sweet KCA trampoline, that is. And just think of all of the fun the stars will have bouncing around before they head in to the slimiest awards show on earth. Getting excited yet?

KCA Poll Reveal Orange Carpet 3

Well, good! 'Cause so are we. Seeing James Maslow and the boys of Big Time Rush practicing their famous back flips on the Orange Carpet trampoline? That's a sight we will NEVER forget. Head to to catch the KCA Orange Carpet pre-show next Saturday, March 23rd at 7:30/6:30c! Trust us, it's gonna be awesome.


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