An Interview With KCA Slime

Posted on Mar 24, 2013

Slime 1

It's time to hear the true story behind the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards. It's the story no one has ever told... until now. The KCA slime is sitting down for a once-in-a-lifetime interview, and spilling his thoughts on the KCAs. Yes, you heard us right. It's time to get up close and personal with the guy behind the Blimp awards, the superstar of the show that everyone loves (but doesn't really know), the Slime.

Slime Pitbull

Nick: "We're just gonna start off by saying, Slime, we really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. It's an honor."

Slime: "No, no. The pleasure is all mine. Really. You know, I've been wanting to chat with you guys for a long time. I've just been really busy. Sliming celebrities, doing press interviews, photo shoots... ah, it's a busy life! And with the KCAs and all, well, let's just say I've had my work cut out for me! Did you see what I did to Pitbull last night? I mean, come on! That takes practice."

Slime Matt

Nick: "Well, let's get down to business and not waste anymore time then! Tell us about the awards!"

Slime: "The awards were great. Just fantastic. I started out on the Orange Carpet. And I gotta tell ya, it was pretty hard to hold back on sliming the celebs. They all looked so great, but would've looked way better in GREEN! And I heard Matt Bennett was calling himself the king of slime. Bah! Please, there is only one king of slime. King Slime. And that's me."

Slime Magic

Nick: "Can you tell us about sliming Neil Patrick Harris and Sandra Bullock?"

Slime: "Ah, yes. That was one of my greatest victories. Niel thought he could wave me away with his little magic wand. Haha! I proved him wrong. I proved him wrong real quick.

Slime Katy

Nick: "What about Katy Perry? We know you gave her a pretty epic sliming in 2010. Why did you choose not to slime her this year?"

Slime: "[Chuckles] Well, Katy was one of my favorite people to slime, I've gotta be honest. And this year, I think she was expecting it. But sometimes I like surprising people. I let her go... this time.

Slime Ariana

Nick: "You've been described as being too slippery. How do you feel about that? Also, Ariana Grande nearly slipped on you during the show!"

Slime: "I know, I know! I feel so awful about that. Ariana, if you're reading this, I'm so sorry! But as far as people calling me slippery, hey, I am what I am. I can never change me. And people have to accept that."

Slime Finale

Nick: "Okay, so last question. What did you think of the finale? That was a lot of slime. That must've taken tons of energy!"

Slime: "You know, I've been doing this for so long, it comes pretty effortlessly to me now. I just had a lot of fun with it. Josh Duhamel and Nick Cannon were great sports. We had a great time. In fact, I think KCA 2013 was one of my best shows yet!"


2013 KCA Winners
That's A Wrap!

Congrats to all the Kids' Choice Award Winners this year! Take a peek at who walked away with an Orange Blimp right here.


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