Slime Count

Posted on Mar 23, 2013

KCA 2013 Slime Count 1

Every year at the KCAs we look out for one thing, and one thing only. THE SLIME! Seeing your favorite celebs get totally coated in green go? Come on. It's one of the best parts! In fact, this year, we decided to keep a little tally of all the greatest goo-ings throughout the show. Ready to count the slimes? Lezzgo!

KCA 2013 Slime Count 2

Slime Count 1: Pitbull was the first one slimed. This guy put on one epic KCA kickoff performance with the help of singing sensation Christina Aguilera. And every musical number is best ended with a waterfall of green goo, right?

KCA 2013 Slime Count 3

Slime Count 2: Dwight Howard moved the slime tally up to two! This guy sure knows how to slam dunk. But after tonight's show, he knows how to SLIME dunk!

KCA 2013 Slime Count 4

Slime Count 4: Sandra Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris got a double sliming, moving the slime count up to four. Abracadabra and let the slime rain! Sandra was trying to avoid getting goo stuck in her ears, but from the looks of it, she'll be cleaning off that goopy gunk for weeks. But hey, deep down, we know she hearts a good slime. Sorry we're not sorry.

KCA 2013 Slime Count 5

Slime Count 5: Kristen Stewart was the fifth star to be slimed. Wait a minute, that wasn't planned... Yup! Sometimes during a LIVE show, anything can happen! And getting covered in slime while accepting your award is a definite possibility. Kristen was pretty pumped about it, though.

KCA 2013 Slime Count 6

Slime Count 7: And after the epic sumo slime finale with Nick Cannon and Josh Duhamel, the final slime count was a whopping seven. But that doesn't count all the audience members caught in the crossfire! Muahahaha.


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