SpongeBob Hits the 2013 KCAs

Posted on Mar 23, 2013

KCA 2013 SpongeBob 1

Did you spot SpongeBob at Kids' Choice Awards 2013? You didn't? Maybe that's because Mr. Krabs needed him to work that weekend. But what would the show be like if our favorite sponge made an appearance? Check it out!

KCA 2013 SpongeBob 2

After hamming it up for the paparazzi, SpongeBob would've definitely gone into the Orange Carpet GIF booth with the boys of Big Time Rush. Everyone say, jellyfish!

KCA 2013 SpongeBob 3

After going Big Time on the OC, SpongeBob would've made his way to his seat next to Selena and KStew. These gals are big fans of the famous Krabby Patty fry cook, so the trio would have gotten along like peas, carrots and pineapples!

KCA 2013 SpongeBob 4

Remember the slime dunk stunt? SpongeBob would've been there! In fact, he would've probably dunked better than Dwight Howard. Look at that air!

KCA 2013 SpongeBob 5

Kesha's performance was awesome. But don't you think it would've been better with some back-up vocals from you-know-who? You do know that sponges are exceptionally talented musicians, right?

KCA 2013 SpongeBob 6

And what would SpongeBob have thought about the host dressing up in his signature duds? Well, he probably wouldn't have been too pleased. But soon he'd realize, having the host wanna copy his style is pretty flattering!

KCA 2013 SpongeBob 7

Oh, and did you know that SpongeBob took home his TWELFTH Blimp this year? If he was there to accept his award, the crowd would've went wild! Well, they did anyway. But his acceptance speech would've been legendary.

KCA 2013 SpongeBob 8

SpongeBob would've had a blast at KCA 2013, from beginning to end. He would have even be there to help the clean-up crew mop up the slime finale. Too bad he was booked at the Krusty Krab all weekend. Hey, those Krabby Patties won't flip themselves! Oh well, maybe next year.


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