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Lucas Cruikshank Drinks Cottage Cheese Milk?!

Posted on Feb 21, 2013

Blog Image Lucas Cruikshank Cheese Milk 1

Got milk? Lucas Cruikshank does, but it's got a few extra ingredients. While dishing to ClevverTV on his fave episode of FRED: The Show, Lucas revealed one of the most bizarre foods he's ever had to grub on for the sake of the cameras. And let's just say he's a very dedicated actor...

Blog Image Lucas Cruikshank Cheese Milk 2

"My favorite [episode of FRED: The Show] is probably the Expired Cow," Lucas said. "It's already aired...And it's basically Fred drinks expired milk, and then hallucinates all these things that are happening. I just think that one's really funny 'cause it's just so weird. There's a talking cow and a talking cookie and it's just weird Fred stuff."

Blog Image Lucas Cruikshank Cheese Milk 3

But if you thought the episode was weird, just wait 'til you hear what crazy cuisines Lucas had to wolf down while shooting! "I had to drink milk with cottage cheese in it!" he said. "And it actually wasn't that bad, it was just kinda hard to swallow."

Yuck! We love unique eats as much as the next guy, but when it comes to daring dairy feasts, we'll do the watching and leave the chowing down to Lucas!


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