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Lucas' Barefoot Audition

Posted on Mar 4, 2013

Lucas Barefoot Audition 1

Lucas Cruikshank has no problem acting wacky. He does play the role of an alien from outer space. What's weirder than that? Actually... in real life, Lucas has been known to do a few kooky things even when he's not playing a martian, like going to auditions barefoot! When Lucas and his co-star Victory sat down for a 1-to-1 with Fanlala, the duo spilled about Lucas' stranger-than-usual audition.

Lucas Barefoot Audition 2

"I think the first time I actually officially met you was in one of the last callbacks for Marvin, Marvin," Victory told Lucas. "I remember that," Lucas replied. "Wasn't I wearing an awkward Christmas sweater?"

Lucas Barefoot Audition 3

"You were!" Victory continued. "And you weren't wearing any shoes. And I think they were just like, 'Oh Victory, this is Lucas.' ...And then I looked down and I was like, 'Oh, nice barefoot.' And you were like, 'Oh they made me take off my shoes.'"

Do you think the director wanted to know if Lucas' toes made convincing alien feet? Maybe. Either way, Lucas pulled it off with flying colors! "I probably seemed like, really zen. Just not wearing shoes at an audition," Lucas laughed.

Lucas Barefoot Audition 4

But that's not all! Lucas had another hilarious mishap with his cast while reading for the role of Marvin. "I remember during the audition I kept having to ask you guys where the bathroom was," Lucas admitted to Victory. "I drank too much water that day. What can I say?"

Well, now that Lucas has the part, at least when he has to go, he'll always know the right route!


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